Heinoê Ferreira – Director and Producer

Heinoê Ferreira began his artistic career as an instrumentalist musician at the age of six. Songs of the main names of the music of RS and Brazil. In 2006 he created the 2L Produtora and put in an organization his musical abilities producing jingles, and the presence of several artists. He won Best Track Award at the Uruguaiana Theater Festival in 2007 of Paulo Bocca's "O Construtor de Nuvens" show. Looking for new ways to express his art, in 2009 he started a contact with video and photography. Director, director of photography and editor already has works for RBS, SBT, Record, Pompéia, Volvo among others. He has a self-taught background, but with great experience in the artistic and advertising field. In 2012 a song "Me Leva" by Patricia Mello, produced and played by Heinoê Ferreira, produced a track "Jessy Hernandez is having a very bad month" in Los Angeles - USA - by producer Emmanuel Briceno. In August 2013, together with the Post-Doctor in Visual Poetry, he published the video exhibition "Sei Serem o Próprios", exhibited in Porto Alegre, Lisbon and Coimbra. In 2015 she produced and directed the documentary ÌTÁN ORUN ÀTIILÉ AYÉ - Histócias do Céu e Terra with the Nigerian Ìdòwú Akínrúlí.

Patrícia Mello –  Production and Creation

Patrícia Mello, a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist (Ac. guitar), began her musical career at age 15 as a flute player at the UFRGS Children's Orchestra, studied music at the OSPA (Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra) School and from the age of 18, MPB was also used. composing melodies poems of Senator Paulo Paim (from the book "Vidas, Sonhos e Poesias"), composed and produced, along with Heinoê Ferreira, the original track of the children's play "Mama Íria" by Lisete Berttoto and the trail of the spectacle "O Construtor de Nuvens "By Paulo Bocca, who was awarded the best track at the Uruguaiana Theater Festival in 2007. In 2009 he held an important international partnership between Brazil and Angola with Angolan musician Belmiro Carlos, Nito. In 2012, her song "Me Leva" became the short film "Jessy Hernandez is Having a Very Bad Month" produced in Los Angeles - USA - by producer Emmanuel Briceno. In 2L Producer, she is an administrator, producer and works on creation. She is a lawyer formed by PUC-RS, with emphasis on Copyrights and Entertainment Rights. Professional music more than thirty years and his authorial work already exceeds more than 300 compositions.

Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil


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